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At Universal Home Security Solutions, our home security system will ensure you and your family is safe and has peace of mind, whether that’s from intruders or from tragedies like fire, flood or carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring. We have a variety of security options and our professional installers will ensure it’s customized to your liking, all at a great price.

Providing peace of mind is why we’re in the business of home security. Our knowledgeable and qualified security experts want to find the security system that fits your life, which is why we’ll ensure we get the full picture of your security needs and wants. Once we complete the initial phone call, we’ll do a walk through and assess your home and ask questions about you and your family’s lifestyle and habits so we can help determine which security options fit. Thanks to our technology, all of our security products; security cameras and motion detectors are easily monitored at the touch of a screen. We are a provider of Liberty’s alarm systems, which will secure your home using door and window sensors that instantly trigger the alarm when an intruder opens a door or window. These motion detectors are also adjustable to sense any movement inside your home. Once an alarm is tripped, an Intrusion Alarm is received by the Monitoring Centre where an operator is able to tell which device or area has been activated as indicated by the zone description, which is programmed by our technician. The operator would determine if, for example, the front door was opened and no disarm code was entered, which would signal a possible intruder. From there the operator opens a two-way connection with the home and requests the person on site to identify themselves, including the request of the verbal passcode/password to verify the person. If the operator determines it is an intruder, the police are dispatched and all those listed on the security account are contacted.

Liberty Mobile App

Liberty’s mobile app is at the forefront of home security technology. This app allows you to connect to your security system from anywhere, whether you’re at home, or on vacation, right from your Smartphone. It’s a live app that allows you to take control of your home. You can arm/disarm your system, monitor and control the status of your thermostat, locks and watch live security footage of your home. You can set up real-time notifications via text, push notifications or email to know what’s happening in your home the moment anything happens. Our Liberty Live app is available to download in the App Store and Google Play for any of our interactive services customer.


  • Live video monitoring
  • Check the status of your property
  • Arm and disarm your home
  • Real-time alerts
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Personalized user codes
  • Scenes setup
  • Check past security history
  • Light control
  • Lock and unlock your door
  • Raise and lower thermostat

As important as our security features are, at Universal Home Security Solutions detection is just as important to stop any possible issues before they begin. Depending on what you’re looking for, our products will ensure detection of any security problems whether you’re at home or away. With our wireless door/window contact sensor, it watches over anything you have that opens and closes, such as doors, windows, jewelry cases and other important storage inside your home. Our wireless smoke and heat detector could save your home from a major fire. A built-in sensor detects heat over 57 degrees Celsius, which is beneficial where heat reaches the sensor before any smoke. The sensor also features a nine degrees Celsius rate of rise per minute, so if the temperature rises faster than nine degrees in less than 60 seconds, a typical indication of a fire, the system will detect it. We also have several other wireless detection devices, including a glass break detector, a pet friendly motion sensor, carbon monoxide detector, wireless freeze alert sensor, wireless flood sensor, and a wireless wrist panic button that instantly contacts emergency services when the panic button is pressed. Give us a call to discuss our many detection device options.

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