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Family Values are Universal Security is an important part of what makes a house feel like a home

At Universal Home Security Solutions in St. Albert, we have the solution for your home and small business’ security. We offer a number of security options – security, home automation, and monitoring. With these three aspects of home security, your home or place of business will have all the mechanisms in place to keep your mind at peace. Since we utilize cellular service, which is much more secure than landlines, you’ll be able to know and monitor everything from your Smartphone. And it’s not just the security aspects that you can control with a few touches. Our system also allows you to change the temperature on your thermostat, control when your lights turn on and off inside your St. Albert home or business, and much more. Staying secure and comfortable is what we want for your family. Another major aspect of our services includes our live two-way monitoring system. If an alarm is tripped, our security system enacts the two-way monitoring, where an operator in live time will use determine whether it’s a real or false alarm in mere minutes. If it is a real alarm, then the proper enforcement will be sent to your home or small business quickly. If you’re a home or business owner in St. Albert looking for the best options for a security system, give us a call at Universal Home Security Solutions and we’ll talk you through what we have to offer.

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